Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay

Pay Me What You Owe Me...

May 03, 2023 Season 3 Episode 12
Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay
Pay Me What You Owe Me...
Show Notes

On this episode of Whatever We Want, co-hosts Jay and Kay again address the pressing issue of gun violence in America, discussing recent shootings and the need for responsible gun ownership and stricter regulations.

The pair also shed light on the Black maternal health crisis in the US, racial bias in the medical community and the recent case of a Texas baby girl taken from her parents by CPS in what is being described as a "state sanctioned kidnapping."

The news of Dominion Voting Systems settling with Fox News for more than $787 million ending a two-year legal battle over defamation also leads this week along with  Cardi B's recent controversies, a discussion about public nudity and naked dinner parties,  plus traveling to Mississippi without warning.

Key Takeaways:

[00:01:29] Shootings in America

[00:14:09] Black maternal health crisis

[00:17:36] Racial bias in healthcare

[00:20:58] Fox News, misinformation & Dominion settlement

[00:21:25] Facebook owes you money!

[00:25:23] Cardi B vs Tasha Kay

[00:27:13] Cardi B accused of being a predator

[00:32:52] Public nudity & naked vegan dinner parties

[00:37:59] Driving through Mississippi

[00:47:11] For the Culture: Dionne Warwick & jazz legend Ahmad Jamal

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