Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay

Back that Thang Up! The Freaknik Generation Grows Up

April 24, 2023 Season 3 Episode 11
Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay
Back that Thang Up! The Freaknik Generation Grows Up
Show Notes

Join Jay and Kay in this sidesplitting episode as they dismantle Billboard's Greatest Rappers ever list while delving into the comical side of aging and navigating parenting later in life.

Get in line as they conjure up alibis for '90s Freaknik-goers, just in time to dodge any fallout from Hulu's upcoming documentary on the legendary cultural event. Plus, the pair take a deep dive into Marvel's response to the dramatic allegations swirling around Jonathan Majors.

As a cherry on top, these jesters of justice serve up a thought-provoking look at environmental equity, as they discuss the need for communities of color to enjoy the same standard of water and air quality as others.

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[00:00:05] - Jamal's B-day weekend recap

[00:00:56] - Top 50 Rappers: Billboard List

[00:14:29] - Andre 3000 reflects on aging in hip hop

[00:21:14] - Hoda Kotb is mom-shamed for adopting after 50

[00:21:54] - Raising children later in life

[00:28:02] - Marvel considers replacing Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror

[00:29:07] - Ezra Miller, Jonathan Majors & White Privilege

[00:37:00] - Professional Black women suing Hulu over Freaknik film

[00:44:30] - For the Culture

[00:44:50] - Hulu's Our America: Trouble on Tap

[00:45:09] - Toxic Water in Minority Communities

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