Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay

Legally Blind at Tax Time

April 17, 2023 Season 3 Episode 10
Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay
Legally Blind at Tax Time
Show Notes

Welcome to the Easter Sunday glow up edition of Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay as our co-hosts discuss Trump's recent arraignment (and the undisputable tale of two American criminal justice systems), the expulsion of Tennessee legislators, Clarence Thomas' ongoing exploits and acceptance of gifts from billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, a fentanyl pushing grandmother and more.

Plus the pair hand out unsolicited advice on repaying debts in time for tax season!

[00:02:10] Trump is arraigned in NYC

[00:04:45] Tale of two justice systems

[00:08:44] Tennessee Republicans expel Democrats

[00:20:00] Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' ethics in question

[00:24:36] YouTube prank gone wrong

[00:28:55] Don Lemon accused of problematic behavior

[00:33:53] John Leguizamo and the Super Mario Bros. movie controversy

[00:41:29] Tax refunds and paying people what you owe them

[00:44:27] Beyonce tickets 

[00:49:19] Hulu's show Un-prisoned

[00:52:41] Hulu's Rye Lane movie

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