Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay

Last Call for 2022!

December 23, 2022 Jamal Sterling & Khalilah Elliott Season 3 Episode 7
Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay
Last Call for 2022!
Show Notes

It's the final episode of Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay  for 2022 and our co-hosts are wrapping up the year with the most interesting stories of the last few weeks. 

This fun episode is the perfect way to end the year as it covers everything from the fall of crypto, Deion Sanders, viral dances, and even Black men and mental health.  

Plus! Check out Jay & Kay's picks for best movies, music, tv, etc. for 2022!

Key Takeaways:

[02:00] - Kay finally caught the 'vid

[03:55] - Cancelled Christmas songs

[05:00] - Deion "Primetime" Sanders is leaving JSU + folks have a lot to say!

[17:35] - HBCU Alumni Giving Rates

[21:21] - Crypto is a Ponzi Scheme

[25:48] - Brittney Griner is home!

[29:35] - Democracy survived the midterms...but it's still on life support

[34:40] - Why does anyone care who Pete Davidson is dating?

[36:40] - How does one escape the matrix of dance memes & videos?

[39:39] - Avatar is visually stunning...is it any good?

[41:41] - The 110th Street / Harlem entrance to Central Park will be renamed in
                      honor of  the "Exonerated Five" who were falsely convicted for the rape of
                       the Central Park jogger in 1989

[45:00] - Dallas Maverick player Tyrell Terry steps away from game to care for
                     his mental health

                            Stephen "Twitch" Boss dies from suicide

[48:00] - Black men & mental health

[50:00] - Jay & Kay's Best of 2022

Check out these references & resources mentioned:
Suicide Prevention Info - Dial 988
Bastards of Soul

Check out these For the Culture Shout Outs:
NYT 1619 Project
NYT 1619 Podcast
Hulu's 1619 Docuseries

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The reality of entrepreneurship & freelancing
Young people are a reflection of the adults who raised them

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