Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay

Third Time's a Charm!

October 14, 2022 Jamal Sterling & Khalilah Elliott Season 3 Episode 1
Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay
Third Time's a Charm!
Show Notes

Whatever We Want with Jay & Kay is back with a brand new season and the third time's the charm! In the season’s first episode, Jamal and Khalilah get caught up on all the latest news in pop culture and talk about how the system is rigged against people of color and the importance of jury duty, the upcoming midterm elections and Biden’s recent executive order overturning lower level federal cannabis offenses. The pair also break down Kanye West’s recent antics while discussing mental health and accountability. 

Plus! We ask if  single people & married people can truly be friends and Kay’s recent brush with the FBI. 

Key Takeaways:

[00:00:08] - It’s Season 3…and we’re back!

[00:04:09] - Khalilah reflects on the Congressional Black Caucus & 
                            the impact of community power building

[00:11:42] - Speaking of black conservatives… What's up with Kanye?

[00:17:42] - Fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson comments on 
                            Kanye’s  ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts

[00:19:40] - Jada Pinkett Smith’s new memoir

[00:25:10] - Viewer Topic!  {New Segment Alert!}
                      The Cardinal Divas’ dancers at USC & the HBCU Majorette tradition

[00:33:58] - What are the rules for married people with single friends?

[00:42:54] - Khalilah & the saga of the FBI

[00:48:55] - For the Culture!

Check out these For the Culture Shout Outs:
Salt + Cleo Soul's new album
Charles Fuller
Skip Gates’ Making Black America on PBS
Kid Cudi’s Netflix movie, Entergalactic

Key Quote:

“...it's helpful for people to sometimes know… especially younger people... to let them know, ‘Oh, no! I struggle too….’ transparency and being open and being willing to be vulnerable with people is helpful.” - Khalilah

“... if it weren't Kanye West, they'd be sending the police after him. You'd be restrained, or you would go to somebody's jail.” - Jamal

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